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5 Things You Should Know Why Dentists Recommend Wisdom Teeth Removal

A lot of people believe that removing a wisdom tooth isn’t necessary, especially if it doesn’t hurt. Some even say that removing it is just a waste of time and money. But did you know that most dentists recommend wisdom teeth removal?

In most cases, wisdom teeth don’t have space to grow properly, which can cause complicated problems in the future. The older a person gets, the bones in their mouth get harder, so the dentist recommends taking out a healthy molar to prevent severe problems later on.

wisdom teeth removal

If you are unsure whether to undergo wisdom teeth removal or not, then you should not hesitate to consult your dentist for expert advice.

Usually, dentists recommend removing your wisdom tooth for these following reasons.

Avoid inflammation and infection

Wisdom teeth become impacted due to the lack of room to grow correctly. When this happens, these teeth are more prone to infection and abscesses that can infiltrate surrounding tissues. In some cases, wisdom teeth develop cysts and tumours. Hence, if you remove your wisdom teeth, you can avoid developing infections which can put your oral health at risk.

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Keep you away from complicated orthodontic issues

Growth of wisdom teeth can cause damage to adjacent molars because they will congest dentition. Wisdom teeth slowly push other teeth which disrupts dental alignment in the long run. Therefore, removing your wisdom teeth even if they don’t hurt will keep you away from critical orthodontic issues.

Prevent damaging nearby teeth

When a wisdom tooth begins to develop, it will create pressure that can weaken or, worse, damage the roots of the adjacent teeth. When this happens, the nearby teeth will become vulnerable to cavities and bone loss. When a wisdom tooth already damaged certain teeth, you will likely to lose them. You may need emergency dental Capalaba services that are being offered in many clinics.

Save you from a more expensive corrective oral surgery

Since the alignment of your teeth is damaged because of your wisdom teeth, you will not only require removing them, but also undergo corrective oral surgery or braces. Now, wisdom teeth removal lessens any future damage not only to your teeth, but most especially to your pocket.

Decrease orofacial pain

Another benefit of removing the wisdom teeth is the reduction of the orofacial pain, which leads to neck pain, headaches, dental pain, ear pain, jaw joint pain, and facial burning. You will also improve the quality of your life because there will now be lesser limitations when it comes to consuming food and drinks.

Why is it essential to remove wisdom teeth early? 

You will surely thank your dentist in the future for their recommendation on removing your wisdom teeth early. Your dentist’s main concern is to provide solutions for you to keep your teeth and mouth healthy. But, when there’s a need to lose teeth to prevent possible severe damages, then they will also ensure a safe and comfortable way of tooth removal.

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